Enjoy the fuss-free convenience of Earth Choice’s Triple Action Laundry Capsules in either lavender or eucalyptus fragrance. Combining powerful plant-based actives with essential oils, the multi-chambered pods clean deeply into fibres, removes stains and leave laundry smelling fresh.


Direction: Enjoy fresh clean laundry in three easy steps. Place capsule inside empty machine drum, add laundry, select cycle and press start.

Dosage: 1 capsule = normal load, 2 capsules = heavy load.

Now available at Coles, Woolworths and selected independent supermarkets.

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Simply throw the capsule in your empty machine drum. Once the dissolvable film comes into contact with water, the powerful plant-based actives are released to leave your washing clean and fresh.

1. Place the laundry capsule in the empty machine

2. Add in your laundry

3, Choose your cycle and hit start


Our laundry capsules are designed to use less water and reduce plastic waste compared to traditional laundry liquid. With a biodegradable film and plant-based ingredients, you can be confident that our Laundry Capsules are cleaning your clothes, all whilst reducing the impact on the planet.

83% Less Plastic*

Our biodegradable laundry capsules and light weight storage bag means we use 83% less plastic.

Correct Dosage

Every Time

Each laundry capsule has the perfect pre-measured dosage to suit your laundry needs.

*compared to Earth Choice Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid 1L.

Concentrated Formula*

With no liquid other than the plant-based actives. Laundry capsules contain 80% less water.

“I have never tried laundry capsules before and I love them! Really easy to use and have left my clothes smelling fresh and clean."

Sarah M

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How do laundry capsules work?

Laundry capsules are a convenient alternative to laundry powders and liquids with a pre-measured dosage of detergent. Simply place the laundry capsule in the empty washing machine drum rather than the dispenser and add your laundry as normal.

What dosage is required?

For a normal load, one capsule is enough. For a heavy load you should add two capsules to your washing machine.

Can capsules be used in front and top loaders?

Yes. Laundry capsules are suitable for front and top loaders. Just place the capsule in the machine drum before you add your laundry.

Do capsules work in cold water?

Yes. Our laundry capsules work effectively in cold and warm wash cycles.

What are the ingredients?

Our laundry capsules are made with plant-based ingredients. You can find the full ingredients list here.

Do capsules contain microplastics?

No, our capsules do not contain microplastics. The film that is used to contain the detergent is made from a type of Polyvinyl Alcohol that is fully dissolvable in hot and cold washes and is certified readily biodegradable in water treatment plants and marine water. Therefore, our capsules are not in the microplastics category and  there is no concern for persistence or accumulation harming our environment, waterways or marine life.

How should I store my capsules?

It's important to store your laundry capsules in the provided zip lock bag, away from heat, moisture and sunlight. Please ensure you handle the capsules with dry hands as they will dissolve immediately when wet.

Can capsules be used on delicates?

We recommend using our Earth Choice Wool & Delicates Laundry Liquid for any delicate items. Laundry capsules are not recommended for woolen or silk garments.

Is the plastic pouch recyclable?

Unfortunately, the REDcycle program we partnered with to recycle our soft plastic pouches has closed down. We are currently seeking alternative solutions for community soft plastic recycling and will share as soon as possible. In the meantime, please visit https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/ which allows you to search for specialised recycling services for soft plastics within your local council. By continuing to purchase our laundry capsules you still use 83% less plastic than a 1L bottle of laundry liquid, minimising the amount of packaging waste ending up in landfill.